Assistant Team Manager - Assessment Service

Posted 14th Feb, 2024
£56,093 – £59,129
Working arrangements
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Closing date
7th Apr, 2024
About the role

Assistant Team Managers (ATMs) play a vital role in supporting our Newham Together vision by ensuring that our social workers are supported and that high quality practice is delivered to children and families. ATMs are expected to show strong but compassionate leadership and create a secure team environment of open discussion/challenge whilst allowing systemic practice to flourish.

Reporting to a Team Manager, ATMs at Newham will lead and provide supervision to 5-8 social workers. ATMs are not case holding, but are expected to be versatile and dedicated in the support they will provide to case holding colleagues. This is vital in our Assessment service due to the nature of the service and focus on efficient and accurate assessments of children and families.

Our Assessment workers are on duty only 1 of every 6 weeks – less than many other local authorities. Newham is committed to and encourages remote working wherever possible; management in Assessment are only expected to be in the office only one day per week.

For more information and a full list of duties please download the job description.

About you

We are looking for budding Managers who have a genuine interest in a restorative, relationship based practice model drawing on systemic thinking to inform your approach to building effective relationships with children, families and communities.

You are a qualified social worker and registered with Social Work England. You will have significant experience of working within in an Assessment Service, having supervised staff and managed the timely completion of statutory Assessment processes.

You take a creative but pragmatic approach to your work, encouraging high standards in others for the residents that we serve. You inspire people, supporting and leading colleagues to achieve positive outcomes for our children and their families. You already embrace our people-focused values and want to be an active part of our ‘Newham Together’ journey. You’re not afraid of change and you’re ready and excited to take on the challenges posed by a Borough such as Newham.

You have experience and an understanding of working within a diverse, urban community; and share our ambition and energy in embracing new ways of working. You are a positive individual with a mature approach and are conscious of the importance of professional development for yourself and your team. You are always open to helping others.

About Newham

We Are Newham. 

We’re a vibrant, dynamic, culturally rich inner London Borough with a young population and bags of potential. We’re a challenging yet rewarding place to practise social work, with the networks in place to enable you to be the best social worker you can be and make a real difference to our children and their families. Our social care services were rated to be GOOD overall by Ofsted, with leadership rated as OUTSTANDING, but we have not stopped striving to be better.

We’ve been working tirelessly to establish a Centre of Excellence for Children’s Services through investment, co-production and by continuously developing our 'Circles of Support' practice model; centring on systemic and restorative practice and a specialist support offer for our practitioners. Don’t just take our word for it – Circles of Support was recently nominated for the prestigious MJ Innovation in Children’s/Adults Services award. 

Ofsted described Newham as having a positive culture of learning and development and we always try to develop talent in-house. We’ve promoted 40 internal colleagues during the past two years, and have put 46 practitioners through systemic higher education since 2020. We value your development and at Newham career progression is reality for many. We also understand how tough social work can be – so most of our QSW posts involve only 1 day per week in the office alongside flexible working. We want to maximise your wellbeing and make life easier.

We’ve been working hard to make Newham a great place to practise.

  • We’re a GOOD local authority and have established a centre of excellence for Children’s Services.

  • Ofsted reported that we have OUTSTANDING senior leadership.

  • Stability: 100% of our Service Managers and 71% of Team Managers are permanent.

  • Our firmly established practice model, Circles of Support, was recently nominated for the prestigious MJ Award for Innovation in Children’s Services and allows systemic, restorative practice to flourish.

  • We offer genuine flexible working, with only 1 day in the office per week (off duty)

  • Career progression; we’ve promoted 37 internal colleagues in the past 2 years.

  • Social Care Academy – 47 social workers have studied for systemic higher education with us since 2020.

  • A competitive package of up to £54,890 (includes market supplement).

  • Oyster card/parking permit for business use.

  • Wellbeing service, leisure and discount benefits (Council scheme).

  • Travel season ticket loan, cycle scheme, Local Authority pension.