What are Social Work Teaching Partnerships? 

The Department for Education (DfE) introduced Social Work Teaching Partnerships to help improve the overall quality of practice, learning and continuing professional development amongst trainee and practicing social workers. The evaluation report outlining their impact was published in November 2020 found that they had formalised collaborative working and been a catalyst for cultural change in the way partners work together.

Led by social work employers and funded by the government, teaching partnerships support regional groups to work together to strengthen social work education and development. 

Social Work Teaching Partnerships are defined as: 

“An accredited collaboration between Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) and employers which delivers high quality training for social work students and qualified practitioners and equips them to practise to specified standards in statutory settings.”  

What are the benefits of working within a London Social Work Teaching Partnership?

Social Work Teaching Partnerships (SWTPs) aim to offer an ambitious and comprehensive programme of education, training, support and professional development for social workers and social work students in their respective regions. They support regions in creating and sustaining a learning culture and environment where reflective practice, evidence and research mindedness underpin the focus on practice. 

Offers may differ by SWTP, but generally, you can expect to have access to: 

  • High quality placements in a range of statutory settings as a student social worker 

  • An enhanced level of support as a Practice Educator, working with student social workers 

  • Social work practice that is consistently informed by theory & research 

  • Regional progression pathways and comprehensive and varied Continuing Professional Development opportunities 

“It is with pride and satisfaction that the evaluation of Teaching Partnerships concludes that their most important benefit has been the development of a culture of collaborative working between higher education institutions, local authorities and other partners in the way social work education is designed, planned and delivered” 

Isabelle Trowler, the Chief Social Worker for Children in Families

Social Work Teaching Partnerships in London 

The majority of London's councils are part of a Teaching Partnership and actively participate in the partnership, with a higher partnership rate than the rest of England.

South West London and Surrey  

South East London 

West London 

North London 

North East London