Royal Borough of Greenwich (RBG) is on a transformative journey towards understanding and dismantling racial inequality. Through active listening and introspection, RBG has made significant strides in confronting systemic racism head-on. 

The Urgency of Now

After identifying the need for change, RBG established an Equality and Equity Action Plan in October 2020, which set out a roadmap for achieving their Equality Objectives (2020-2024). This plan involves all staff members in actively addressing disproportionality.

Empowering Greenwich’s Workforce

Central to RBG's anti-racism efforts is their Children’s Services Tackling Structural Racism (TSR) Action Group. This dedicated group of volunteers is committed to identifying and addressing the root causes of structural racism within their children's social work team and beyond.

Through anti-racist training, sharing lived experiences, and promoting diversity in recruitment and career progression, the TSR Action Group is an important driver of change in Greenwich.

"I'm very proud of Greenwich Children Services for being honest about where we are at and being passionately proactive in working towards changing that. I get so much of my strength and drive by volunteering alongside colleagues who always have a listening ear and give so freely for what they believe in."

Shalini Abrol, Children's Principal Social Worker, Service Leader - Workforce Development

Greenwich's Commitment to You

If you take up a social work role in Greenwich, you'll have the opportunity to innovate within a team that is demonstrably inclusive and diverse. You will be listened to - your voice, your experiences, and your passions will help to shape practice within the borough.

Social workers in Greenwich are given access to ongoing training, support, and opportunities for career development. 

If you'd like to join Greenwich’s forward-thinking team, explore their current opportunities here.