The Compass Jobs Fair in London brought together social work professionals, local authorities, and various other stakeholder organisations for an enriching event that delivered valuable insights, workshops, and networking opportunities. Five London Boroughs - Ealing, Hounslow, Kensington & Chelsea Southwark, and Westminster - were in attendance, with Ealing, Kensington & Chelsea, and Westminster all delivering seminars.

Social Workers From Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster

Inspiring Workshops

Compass' workshops and seminars provided a platform for meaningful conversations and knowledge sharing.

Kensington & Chelsea held an inspiring workshop on their systemic practice models, and how collaborating and engaging with families is helping them to innovate within the sector. Ealing's seminar on their 'Brighter Futures' initiative highlighted their trauma informed practice model, focusing on developing relationships and intervention strategies. Westminster's seminar on tackling racism in practice, and disproportionality within the workforce, was thoroughly thoughtprovoking.

Finally, both Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster City Council discussed the importance of working in partnership with stakeholders to tackle homelessness and rough sleeping.

Ealing Social Workers at Compass

Quotes from participants

Participants enjoyed Compass, it reinstilled feelings of pride in a number of attendees, who felt inspired after the day's events.

"[Compass] really enforces how much I love my job. I spent all day talking about how great the work is and it really refreshes why I do what I do. And I really enjoy that people who visit our stand walk away thinking, I would really like to work there."

Compass Attendee, Southwark

"Having the opportunity to speak to delegates - from newly qualified to experienced social workers - and share positive reflections about our profession has been a real pleasure, and in many ways reaffirming of a job I love"

Compass Attendee, Hounslow

Compaass not only provided a platform for professional growth but also showcased the vibrancy and commitment within London's social work sector. With insights from boroughs, the event sets the tone for collaboration, learning, and diversity, promising a positive impact on social work job opportunities in London.

"Really enjoyed talking to people from really diverse backgrounds and experiences, lots of networking and great to see delegates benefit from interesting CPD opportunities across the day too."

Compass Attendee, Ealing

Southwark Social Workers Attend Compass Jobs Fair

London Social Work for Children at Compass

London Social Work for Children was proud to play a role in supporting our boroughs as they prepared for, and attended, compass. helping to provide pre-event communications and providing on-the-day assistance.

Social Workers at Compass Jobs Fair