Camden have have a huge range of varied and diverse roles to choose from.

As part of the recent Social Work Week 2024 celebrations, Camden produced a series of videos where their social workers chatted about their careers and the sense of togetherness that working in the borough brings. Watch them below!


Emmanuel is an Assessing and Supervising Social Worker in Camden's Fostering and Permanence Team - he chats about the borough's inclusive and supportive vision.

"I like the vision of Camden, it supports diversity. You get a lot of experience and support from different team members"

Emmanuel Umeh, Camden


Hear from Camilla, a Consultant Social Worker, who appreciates Camden's positive culture

"We are all there to help each other through"

Camilla Jarvis, Camden


A Service Manager in Camden's Children’s Looked After Service, Julie talks about her career progression and how the borough has supported her on her journey.

"There's always something new for Camden, and there's always new opportunities"

Julie Holleman, Camden

Many social workers at Camden enjoy the opportunity that their role gives the to work within the local community. Camden's systemic model of practice is focused on building strong relationships between social workers and families, whilst learning from their lived experiences.

Find out more about working in Camden with Emmanuel, Camilla and Julie, or explore the borough's current job opportunities.