The year has flown in here at London Social Work for Children, so as we (somehow) reach the end of 2023 we’d like to say thank everybody for helping to make our first few months a success.

To date, 357 social work jobs have been posted on the site; as a registered member of LSWC you’ll always be the first to know whenever a relevant job becomes available. We’re looking forward to connecting social workers with even more career opportunities across London in the new year.

Social work practitioners often tell us that the most rewarding thing about the job is seeing the positive impact of their work with children and families.

As a profession, we believe much of the work they do remains under-appreciated, and as this time of year provides a good moment to reflect, we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate the real difference that social workers have made to the lives of young people across London.

We are proud to share this poem, which was written by a sibling group from Hounslow as a thank-you for the support and compassion that their social worker showed during a challenging and emotionally draining time in their lives. Their words are a powerful reminder of the lasting positive impact social workers can have on the young people that they support.

We came into care, feeling very scared

Leaving all behind and unprepared

Jade my social worker I would often see

Her warm loving smile when looking at me

Family to family, place to place

I often yearned for a familiar face 

I then moved into my family home

I found safety & space for me to roam

A new mum and dad with new sisters too

They brought us together, they are our glue

After a while we did settle down

We began to smile and lost our frown

We started to learn what family is about

We no longer felt angry or wanting to shout

Holidays, days out, experiences & more

A warm settled place where love is the core

We are now children that shine so bright

All through the day & all through the night.