Lewisham Children's Services has achieved a ‘Good’ rating after a recent Ofsted Inspection, reflecting significant improvements in leadership, support quality, and outcomes for children over the last four years.

Inspectors judged the service as ‘Good’ across all five of the key inspection criteria:

  • Overall effectiveness  
  • The impact of leaders on social work practice with children and families
  • The experiences and progress of children who need help and protection
  • The experiences and progress of children in care
  • The experiences and progress of care leavers

"The pace of change has been purposeful, and the areas identified for improvement at previous inspections have been prioritised, leading to better outcomes for children. Staff describe leaders as approachable, visible and supportive.” 


Since 2019’s inspection, after which services were rated as ‘requires improvement’, Lewisham has undergone a period of transformation. Ofsted praised the determined focus of Lewisham’s leadership team, who were described as approachable, visible, and supportive by children's services staff.

“A determined focus by the experienced Executive Director for Children and Young People and his highly effective leadership team has driven widespread improvements in services since the last inspection in 2019. Children and young people now benefit from good, high-quality help and support.”


Ofsted identify the council’s additional investment in children’s services as a key factor in strengthening provision and stabilising the council’s workforce. Also praised is the development of Lewisham’s targeted early help service, which has helped to ensure timely and appropriate support for children and families.

As an ethnically diverse borough, Lewisham are proud to be recognised for their careful consideration of children's cultural and identity needs. The council also received praise for its exemplary anti-racist practice network and safe space platform, positively supporting staff from black and global majority backgrounds.

Councillor Chris Barnham, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People at Lewisham Council, expressed immense pride in Lewisham's achievement. In the video below, he emphasises the council’s commitment to providing strong support and protection to vulnerable children and families.

While pleased with this recognition from Ofsted, the main goal for Lewisham remains to be continuous improvement. The council aspires to become an ‘Outstanding’ service, with this recent inspection and important milestone in that journey.

Visit Lewisham’s page to find out more about working in the borough, view their current social work job opportunities, and apply to work with them at this exciting time!