About Haringey

With a rich history, diverse population, and a mix of residential, commercial, and green spaces, Haringey offers a unique and dynamic living experience.

Haringey is bordered by several other London boroughs, including Enfield to the north, Hackney and Islington to the west, and Camden and Barnet to the south. Its central location provides residents with easy access to various parts of the city, as it is well-connected by public transportation, including the London Underground and Overground rail services.

One of the notable landmarks in Haringey is Alexandra Palace, affectionately known as "Ally Pally." This iconic Victorian building offers panoramic views of London, hosts various events and exhibitions, and is surrounded by a beautiful parkland. It is a popular destination for concerts, exhibitions, and sporting events.

Another noteworthy area in Haringey is Tottenham, which has gained recognition for its vibrant cultural scene and strong sense of community. Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, one of London's premier football teams, has its home stadium here. The area has seen significant redevelopment in recent years, with new housing, improved public spaces, and the creation of the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, which has become a focal point for sports and entertainment.

Haringey is also known for its diverse communities. The borough is home to people from various cultural backgrounds, contributing to its vibrant multicultural atmosphere. Areas like Wood Green, Green Lanes, and West Green are bustling with international cuisines, vibrant markets, and shops offering a wide range of products from around the world.

The borough is committed to preserving its green spaces and promoting a sustainable environment. Haringey is home to several parks and nature reserves, including Finsbury Park, Lordship Recreation Ground, and Alexandra Park. These green spaces provide opportunities for residents to relax, exercise, and enjoy the outdoors.

Haringey has also been proactive in promoting the arts and cultural activities. The borough has a vibrant arts scene, with numerous galleries, theatres, and community art projects. The Bernie Grant Arts Centre, located in Tottenham, is a hub for performances, exhibitions, and community events.

Overall, Haringey is a borough that embraces its diversity, offers a wealth of cultural and recreational opportunities, and provides a unique and vibrant living experience for its residents.

About children's social work in Haringey

We are investing in creating a better borough for all our residents and bettering the lives of children and young people in Haringey is our first corporate priority. With a population of approximately 250,000 people and a growing population of 0-19-year-olds, we are a diverse and fast-changing borough and tomorrow’s leaders; artists and innovators are busy growing up here.

Haringey is transforming its services for children and young people, and have already made exciting, innovative changes as we strive for excellence in all we do.

Haringey’s diverse population is reflected in the workforce and senior leadership team. This is important to frontline staff and one of the attractions of working for this local authority. Staff and leaders are acutely aware of the enduring public perception of Haringey children’s services.

At all levels, staff are proud of working for Haringey. A culture of appreciation, kindness and support is firmly embedded. Staff said their leaders care about them, listen to them and take action to address the things that need to change. In turn, staff are loyal and they care about their leaders. Staff who leave often return to Haringey.

They talk about the feeling of ‘family’. This sense of emotional safety is vitally important, enabling workers to practise with the confidence and persistence needed to effect change for children and young people who are living in very challenging circumstances.


In short, we’re a council with high ambitions; a place to work that is full of energy and focus. Our teams have passion, integrity and commitment, and people join us, do so as they see Haringey is a learning organisation, and the people that work here strive for continuous improvement in their practice, aiming high to ensure we provide outstanding outcomes for our children.

Our offer to you

Haringey Council has been through a journey of improvement over the past ten years, with continued aspirations to fulfil the first corporate priority of enabling every child the best start in life. We are looking for social workers that are ready for a fresh challenge, with the ability to make a real difference to the residents of Haringey.

We offer a great place to develop a career that is yours to own.

Our offer to staff includes:

  • Competitive remuneration packages

  • Investment in modern technology

  • Great Business support and experienced caring Team Managers

  • Haringey Academy – invests in continuous skills and learning development

  • Access to clinical support from Family Psychology Mutual, Anna Freud and Tavistock

  • Wellbeing service, leisure, and discount benefits (Council scheme)

  • Agile working

  • Travel Season ticket loans

  • A commitment to achieving excellence for our children

  • Strong, caring visible leadership

  • Remote and flexible working options

  • Local Authority pension

Find out more

For more information and detail about Working for Children and Young People’s Service at Haringey Council, visit Working for Children and Young People’s Service | Haringey Council